Press Reviews

The magnificent Lombardini String Quartet enthralled its audience at the Baumgartenberg Abbey Church with great musical discoveries from Kammel, Richter, or Monn. Particularly delightful was the String Quartet in B-flat major by the Italian virtuoso violinist Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen (1745–1818). The four musicians impressed their audience with their virtuosity and soft sound." (Kronen Zeitung 4.8.2018)

“The Lombardini Quartet skilfully highlighted the different stylistic elements. Well-formed individual voices, taking the lead in the right places, created a transparent and yet rich whole. In a nutshell: The Lombardini Quartet presented a concert that was not only a delight to listen to but also engaged in the practice of music history.”  (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten 3.8.2018)